Glampearl`s Scottish - und Sealyham Terrier


Welcome to my homepage. On the following pages I want to to introduce my kennel.

Since I was a child dogs played a major role in my life. My Grandaunt bred Boxers and I remember her first litter. I was 8 years old and so I got a insight of breeding dogs.

Since the early 1990ies Scottish Terriers were in my company. I adore their Independence, their loyalty and of course their great heart.

When I saw a Sealyham Terrier the first time in the 1990ies I knew, anytime I´ll own such a wonderful terrier.

A companion piece to the Scottie!  Scotties and Sealys  complement each  other in such a perfect way! The calmness of the Scottie and the playful Sealy, that´s just perfect.


Our aspiration is to breed healthy, being firm and pedigree dogs, who grow up in our house and garden.

Bettina Kanert

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